About Ckrets

The company ”Ckrets” is own and run by Sandra Edlund.  

 The company is located in Sweden where also Sandra was born during the 80’s. When she grew up she never really knew what she wanted to be, but over time she noticed that she liked to work with her hands and to be creative and that is what today has developed to:

“Ckrets, Art and Design”

Ckrets Design

Sandra is a creative woman with an incredible ambition and as many other girls she wanted to feel special and beautiful on the beach and like to have a unique bikini that no one else was wearing. So after many years of disappointment with the bikinis that she found in the stores she began sewing her own just to get the right confident feeling she was looking for!

She shared her creations by blogging about it and noticed that she received very positive feedback from all her readers.

So in 2008 she decided to share her creations and sell its products through her blog-shop. The products have received attention not only in Sweden but also all over the world. Customers all over Europe order her designed swimwear and are now wearing them on the beach somewhere out there.

Together with her co-worker and photographer she gets the chance to show her outfits in many different places (shooting for magazines & calendars etc) and everywhere they go they get a lot of positive attention!


Ckrets Art

It didn’t take long before the art became a part of Ckrets and it has grown bigger and bigger in a very short of time. By painting she can be creative and express herself in another kind of way.

“I feel harmony and peace every time I sit down with my brushes or pencils” - she says.


This is a quite new thing for Sandra but is one of the things that is very close to her heart. She will continue to develop and learn more about her interest. You can find her result here at www.ckrets.com - in the shop and some behind the scenes material in her blog.


Her interest in taking photographs made her invest in a new system camera which lead to a bigger interest of taking even more photographs. The results you can find under the photo section. A photo can say more than words and when she find that “Kodak moment” you will later find it in the web shop as well.


Ckrets is growing every day and has no limits. Everything you find here comes directly from the heart! From Sandras heart…

...the heart of Ckrets! 



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