How do I shop?

Here is some general questions and answeres on how to shop at If you have other quiestions not answered here please contact us!

Q - Do I have to register to shop?

A - Well not to start with, you can do your shoping first, then when you are ready to checkout you'll enter the registration steps to complete your order. But yes, you need to register to shop, so we can get your delivery address etc.

Q - Is there two registrations on the site?

A - Not really, it's more like two levels. The first one is found in the Ckrets user menu, where there is a simple registration (few user fields) that gives you access to VIP events and offerings in the shop etc. And some ckrets crew login there to write articles etc. Then to be able to shop there is a second step of registration. If you ar e members as in step one, that info is used in step 2 but you'll have to give us additional info such as delivery address and billing information. This is still one and the same user and password registration, but it's upgraded to level 2. Or if you aren'r registered as level 1 but are shoping for the first time thats fine as well, then you'll enter all info at once and become a level 2 registration, with the same VIP event and offers etc.

Q - How do I pay?

A - At the moment you'll pay by invoice. There is two ways, one where you prepay the invoice (cheper) that is emailed to you with account info etc. Or you pay the invoice afterwords when you'll recieve the items you bought, plus an extra fee. We plan to get a creditcard solution, but it costs and we need to have a surtan amount of business running first to implement that. These payment selections are in the checkout steps in the shop.You'll get this info:

Invoice Pre-Paying = You pay directly after receiving your order confirmation from us by mail.
We start handling your order/product after we have received your payment on our account.

Invoice (extra fee) = We handle your order directly, and you'll get an invoice together with
the products (by email also) that you pay when you have the products.

Q - There is a "custom size" beside the normal "S, M, L", what's that?!?

A - That is correct, and it's not many web shops that offer custom made clothings like we do. In fact all clothes are custom made for you when you order it, so if you select "custom size" we'll make it after the measurements you give us in the registration phase. Yes, you'll have to give us your measurements when selecting "custom size" (se the FAQ section, "Custom size, how do I measure my body"-article) so we can make you your clothes custom for you with a perfect fit :)

Q - Are the prices in SEK, what is that?

A - Yes they are in SEK, and that's Swedish kroner. Se this currency converter for help in converting the SEK to your currency.

Q - Are the prices including VAT (tax)?

A - Yes, all prices shown on Ckrets site are in SEK (Swedish kronor) and includes VAT. A shipping charge is in addition to basic fares as shown in the ordering process at the end.

Q - What's the delivery time?

A - The delivery time of your order may vary considerably, ranging from 5-14 days depending on your order. A finished painting is faster. To sew a outfit takes longer. Also if you order several products it takes longer to deliver your order. You can specify by mail or in the ordering process, if you want the delivery in parts, if an outfit is more priority etc. I sew the products as soon as I receive your order. I hope you will understand that a handmade (and maybe custom sized) product may take up to two weeks for delivery. I package your order when it's finished and send it of by mail/package to your stated deliveryaddress.

Q- Can I return an item?

A - Yes, Ckrets applies by rules and laws, such as swedish "distansavtalslagen" and offers the consumer a right of withdrawal within 14 days of purchase. To be able to invoke your right of return, it is essential that the product is unused, and in the same state that the product had when you got it. Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by our contact form on the site, if you wish to make a return. Ckrets always claims the right to choose weather it's a approved warranty or legit error/fault case to get a withdrawal. The following applies under "Distansavtalslagen SFS 2005:59". Youl pay for the return freight. Please be careful of the items and make a good/safe reurn package. When we have recieved the items and it's okay we'll do the withdrawal. Please specify your full bank info, (not just the accound number), to make the process faster.

Q - I'm not happy with what I got, can I complain?

A - Yes, if you for some reason want to complain about a product you need to contact and inform Ckrets about this, before it is sent back to us. The products must be in original package/box and unused for it to be approved. Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by our contact form on the site, if you wish to make a return. Ckrets always claims the right to choose weather it's a approved warranty or legit error/fault case to get a withdrawal.

Q - Will I get a confirmation on my order?

A - Yes, after you've finished your order you'll get an confirmation by email. It's saying "status: Pending" first. Then when we have checked your order you'll get it "confirmed" again by email with a aprox deliverytime. And later a "delivered" confirmation by email. So yes, you'll get informed of the process steps :)

Q - Can you deliver by other freight companies than Swedish "Posten" ?

A - Yes, please let us know wich one you prefer and we'll check the deliverycost.

Q - How do I use this Coupon that I got?

A - If you have a coupon offer or campaign, it shall have a specified coupon code in the offer. That code is entered after you finished shoping and are ready to checkout. In the checkout steps there is a field for the code. After it's entered it will reduce the cost with the specified offer (a fixed value or a specified %). You'll se the "Coupon Discount" in the following checkout steps.

Q - How do I add more items to an existing order, or cancel an order?

A - Just login to the shop and in the right menu you'll have a "Account Maintenance" link. There you have all your data and existing orders. To change an existing order or cancel an order you'll have to contact us by email (or our contact form) or phone. Depending on how far an order is in the process we always try to help you the best way we can.



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