The doors is open!

After many weeks and late nights the Ckrets web shop is open to the public :)

As always it will be continuous job with adding more items, images and texts to various sections as everything isn't quite up yet, but a shop is living and shall have new items added now and then so it's part of the process. We have spent a lot of time testing it all, registrations, shopping steps, orders etc and we think it works just fine. But since Murphy is out there you never know until you, our customers arrive, and then we'll se if we've missed something... :) So I see this as a beta until it's been running for a while without any problems.

So who am I and how did I end up making a web shop for Sandra?

Well my name is Roger Sundberg, I'm a photographer (and have a small agency) and have been working with Sandra for a very long time in various projects. First a working/project related friendship, but during the years also a spare time and private friendship that I enjoy a lot since we get a long very well. We think and have the same values and ideas in a lot of the things we do together. And during these years I've watched Sandra’s development in her artistic and creative projects, witch has bloomed out the last years to her business Ckrets.

And for me it's a natural thing to help dear friends in anyway I can. It's also a win-win situation for both of us since I'm out photographing a lot I need new and cool/unique bikinis for a calendar shoot abroad, so I contact Sandra to hear if she's interested in some "product placement" / publishing in calendars and magazines etc. Witch she of course liked now in the start of her business. This was some time ago now, and her creations been in calendars and magazines around the world now with the same positive reactions from both the models who fights over the outfits, and the publishers who likes the images and stylish outfits, and the viewers of the magazines and calendars.

So starting out with some bikinis and photography jobs then developed in a Ckrets blog with some sort of shopping function. That worked out well for a while with great response as well. But soon she needed a better shopping order/system, both for Sandra and the readers, to make it easier to find the clothes. And I have my own web server for my own business, my sites and several blogs and model sites etc, so it was natural to set up a web shop as well on my server. And now several weeks later it's up and running! :)

It will continue to develop with more functions, shop items etc. so stay tuned for updates. Register to receive info on Ckrets VIP events and special offers to the shop! Let me know if you find errors or have comments on the shop!

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